Saving for tomorrow doesn't have to ruin today.

Most people hate the thought of saving. It seems hard, boring and means you’ll have less now. Or does it? The reality is that we all spend money on things we don’t really value so why not divert those funds into your savings? With a bit of forethought and smart use of modern-day banking techniques, I’ll show you how you can build up a sizeable sum with minimal effect on your enjoyment of the day-to-day. And once you get into the habit, you’ll sleep much better because you’ll not only be living within your means (yes, that’s also important), but you’ll know that your financial future is being taken care of.

Looking to kickstart your savings?

Try these three strategies:

Pay Yourself First

If you wait for the end of the month to decide how much to save there, chances are there’ll be nothing left. Save a set amount as soon as you get paid.

Make it Automatic

If your plan relies on you having to remember to save, you’ll forget! Use standing orders and automated transfers to ensure it happens.

Don't Touch it!

The easiest way to derail your plans is to spend your savings. Once the cash goes in, don’t let it come out.

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