The wiser you spend, the better your life.

We all like buying nice things, whether it's those little luxuries in the supermarket, the latest fashion or the newest gadget. Whilst there's nothing wrong with that, the reality is that most of us often buy things that we can't really afford, usually on a whim, using credit without any thought to how or when we're going to pay it back. And the big picture is that unless we better understand why we spend as we do, no matter how much effort we put into getting our finances on track, we'll continue to derail our efforts every time we go shopping. Why? Because of one key fact:

Spending is Emotional

If you want to get a handle on your spending, it's not rocket science. Below you'll find plenty of advice to get you on track and you might want to start by following my top three tips:

Use Cash

The trouble with credit or debit cards is that its doesn't seem like you're spending real cash. Consequently you're likely to spend more. Try using cash to spend less.

Plan Ahead

Whether it's grocery shopping or going to the mall, it pays to plan ahead. Why not try making a list (and then sticking to it!)

Take Five

Whenever you're tempted to buy something you know you shouldn't (particularly big ticket items), take some time out to allow rational thought to overrule your heart. More often than not, you'll reconsider making the purchase.

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